Do you want to get rid of your furniture or appliances quickly and easily?

You’re planning a renovation, getting new furniture, or just doing the annual spring cleaning, it might feel like a daunting task to find a new home for them.

They’re taking up precious space in your garage, backyard, or basement while you’re trying to sell them off online with no luck at all.

You want to get rid of your items with minimum time, effort and financial investment, and with the maximum return.

So, what can you do in such situation?

7 reasons to donate your stuff to the ReStore

Whether you’re getting rid of one item, or an entire house full of furniture, cabinets, appliances, or building materials, the ReStore is here to give you quick, free and eco-friendly donation services.

1. Free pick-up

In and out in minutes – that’s how fast we’re working to make sure your donation experience is flawless.

You can request our amazing free of charge donation pick-up service in just a few minutes.

We pick up donations in:

    • Calgary and surrounding area
    • Medicine Hat

2. Get a tax receipt

Tax receipts may be issued for donations with a retail value greater than $20. The value is assessed and determined by our receiving staff.

3. Save on disposal fees

ReStore helps you avoid both the cost of transporting the items to the landfill and the dumping fees at the landfill, as well as reduce your environmental footprint by recycling the old household items.

4. Go green and give your stuff a second life

What a great feeling to know that your old furniture, appliances, building materials and other items may have an extended life in a new home instead of going straight to the landfill.

Many local families, DIYers and students come to the ReStore on a daily basis to find products like yours, that they can repurpose and turn them into new gems.

Plus, the ReStores diverted more than 2,000 tonnes of waste from local landfills last year. By donating your perfectly reusable household items, you’re giving them a second life and reducing your environmental footprint.


5. Help families through Habitat for Humanity

Not only does your donation have a great impact on the environment, but it’s also helping families in southern Alberta.

How? Proceeds from the ReStore go to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta to help local families buy their first home through an affordable mortgage.

6. Save on storage fees

ReStore helps you save on the cost of storage fees, transportation, disposal and other expenses related to clearing your stuff out when you’re no longer able to pay rent for your storage unit.

7. It’s fast and easy

It takes less than five minutes to request a donation pick-up:

1. See if your donation meets our guidelines.

2. Request pick-up by online or by phone

3. Get your items ready for pick-up.

**You can also drop your donation off at any one of our ReStore donation centres.

What people say about donating to Habitat ReStores

Recycle is the present and the future. Ya’ll do a wonderful job at the ReStore and a great service to our community and the environment. Thank you

MernaRoger P.

Who’s benefiting from donating to ReStore?

Home Renovators

Small Contractors

Storage Owners


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