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2018 is off to a great start! As we approach spring and get ready for the warmer weather, especially after the last few weeks of snow, now is the best time to start thinking about spring cleaning.

Often, when we are considering our favourite chore of the year, good ol’ spring cleaning, we think about that refrigerator that we aren’t using or the couch that is in the basement that you want to replace. Perhaps you have a significant other, like mine, who is always looking for ways to redecorate the house.

This year, we are planning to do a refresh of our living room. We will be putting a new coat of paint on the walls, new dining table and chairs, and replacing our leather sectional- aged beautifully but no longer the right size for our growing family. I’m excited about the new look my wife has planned, however, I am unsure about the cost of new furniture right now, and we don’t own a truck- so removal of our old sectional is going to be a challenge. We will go to the ReStore.


The 3 ReStore’s in Southern Alberta, 2 in Calgary and 1 in Medicine Hat, are a DIY and bargain hunters dream. An ever-changing selection of goods, where you never know if you will find that next gem; a must have for your home. The experience is part of the adventure, searching and finding exactly what you need.

Donating your used items, the ones that are cluttering up your space, the perfect solution for spring cleaning is the ReStore. They offer free pick-up (they may ask you to snap and send a photo first), and the item goes to supporting a great organization in Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta. Better yet, you aren’t filling up the landfill with items that are reusable. The last time I donated, I even got a tax receipt for my old refrigerator!

One phone call to the ReStore, a picture sent, and we have a solution for our old sectional. We will be going to look at the ever-changing stock of new and gently used furniture, appliances, paint, and other building materials that we can receive for upwards of 40-60% less than we would pay elsewhere. The ReStore will be our first stop for our Spring Cleaning. It should be yours too!

Find out what items we accept and request a pickup today!