Warmer months have rolled around and you just finished up your spring cleaning OR maybe you’re too busy enjoying the weather to worry about what’s piled up in the storage closet.

Either way, there’s no better time to look into some new furniture or décor for your home. Because, if you’re going to be lifting furniture, you might as well do it at a time of year when you won’t get frostbite in the process.

Here are a few ways you can keep the costs low while shopping for your home this summer:

Buy used

Buying second hand is the most obvious option when it comes to saving money on home goods. You can find some amazing items that are good as new and also budget friendly.

Websites like Kijiji are online go-tos for connecting with people in your area when you are looking for specific items. And, social enterprises such as Women In Need Society’s Thrift Stores and Calgary ReStore are also great options because not only are you getting great value but you’re supporting great causes.

All of the goods sold at the ReStore are sold at between 40 and 60 % of what you would pay at regular home goods or improvement stores.

Be Patient

Shopping around and avoiding impulse purchases are a couple of the best ways to not only end up with something you’re actually happy with but at a good price too.

As exciting as it is to jump at the first thing you like. You’ll be much more confident about your purchase if you think it through and weigh your options.

Moreover, the selection is constantly changing when you’re buying second hand so a little bit patience could be the difference between a meh purchase and great find. 

Think about some of these questions next time you’re shopping:

  • Could I get a better price somewhere else?
  • Could I find this used?
  • Am I 100% sold on this?
  • Am I buying only because it reminds me of the item I actually want?
  • Could I DIY?

Do It Yourself

Upgrading your old furniture or buying cheaper furniture that you can flip are great ways to get more bang for your buck.

A quick sand and coat of stain or paint are sometimes all you need to bring something back to life. So you no longer have to let things like colour or style stop you when you can change those things yourself.

Best of all, you can brag to friends and family that you did it yourself.

Last year, ReStore shopper Angel McQueen flipped an old chandelier that she bought at the store into a solar chandelier for her backyard:

Donate and Declutter

Sometimes the simplest upgrade is getting rid of the things you don’t need or are not totally in love with. It can free up space in your home for something new or you can leave it for doing your morning yoga.

Freeing up space in your home not only gives you more physical space to work with but can also free up some headspace as well and who wouldn’t want some more of that?

Whatever your intention, make sure you to donate your unwanted stuff. ReStore makes it easy by offering free pickup and providing tax receipts for items valued over $150.

No other option gives you that kind of ease or value.

Hopefully, you can incorporate some of these ideas next time in you’re in the market for new furniture or home decór so that both you and your wallet are happy.

Take your first step towards smarter and financially savvy home shopping by shopping at Calgary ReStore

or give your stuff a second life by donating your new or gently used furniture, home decór, appliances, and more.