And end up very happy with your purchases

Black Friday is one of the most exciting days to buy the things you’ve been dreaming about. It can be even better if you have a strategy in place with a shopping list, budget and itinerary. And you can avoid post-shopping regret.

We all want to scoop up the best deals on products before everything sells out, but there are ways of making the most of the opportunities that Black Friday presents.

Here are four effective strategies to ensure you have a successful and exciting Black Friday.

Do some research on the products you want

Is it a deal on a good product or not?

The research will help you find out which stores offer good deals and which ones are a waste of your time.

The best Black Friday shoppers begin thinking about their purchase ahead of time.

Being knowledgeable about the products you want to buy and the stores that sell them will help you avoid being frustrated with missed deals.

Here are a few sources that can make your research easier:

  • Red Flag Deals
  • Many stores like Best Buy, Walmart and ReStore offer web pages where you can find online flyers, discounted products and exclusive deals.
  • Follow retailers on social media to stay in the loop of information about their promotions, store hours, and exclusive sales that are taking place in the store.
  • Download an app to turn yourself into a mobile bargain hunter. One of the best apps to help you find the most relevant local deals is Shopular. It’s an awesome location-based app that automatically sends notifications to your smartphone about relevant deals and products when you approach a store. Sounds fantastic, right?

Get organized

Impulse shopping is great, but having a plan can make a big difference.

If your goal is to snag the best deals, you need to stay focused and well organized during this weekend.

Here are a few tips:

Have a shopping list.

Having a list with you will help you navigate the aisles in stores and will help you avoid mindless wandering or “what’s the deal of the day” moments.

Map out your shopping journey

You’ll want to map out the best locations. The roads will be busy, and everything is going to take longer than you expect. Plan where you want to go and why.

Why drive all the way across the city when there’s a nearby store with similar deals and items?

A smart itinerary will help you avoid delays and stay on top of your plan.

Set a spending limit

Know how much you’re willing to spend this weekend

No one likes to go above budget, especially when you’re still halfway through your shopping list.

It’s easy to feel like a couple of small items won’t matter, but the truth is that this kind of thinking can add up and lead to regret.

Knowing your budget ahead of time will minimize the chances of impulse purchases of the items you don’t need.

Subscribe to email alerts

So that your retailer can keep you informed.

This may be the most efficient way to get deals if you don’t want to spend any time on research and planning.

What can be better than receiving a list of deals carefully crafted to meet your shopping preferences?

It takes just a few seconds to enter your email address and costs nothing to receive a regular newsletter.

But the results are fantastic; your inbox will always be filled with some of the best promotions and deals that a retailer has to offer.

And finally, be nice. It can be a crazy out there. But there’s always another deal so it’s not worth arguing with someone over the last available item.

We hope that you’re ready for this year’s Black Friday. Don’t forget to visit the Calgary ReStore Sunridge and South locations to find hundreds of amazing deals, and if you live in Medicine Hat then visit our page to learn more about Black Friday Sale.