Donate to the ReStore in 3 easy steps

Whether you’re donating one item or an entire house full of items, we’ve made it quick and easy.


1. Check the guidelines

Review the list of items that we can accept. If you’re not sure if your item meets our guidelines, send us a message to get a quick reply.

Other old furniture

Home Design Items

Kitchen and Bathroom
Sinks and faucets
Showers and bathtubs
Used jet tubs* (only in Medicine Hat)
Used toilets* (only in Medicine Hat)

Building / Construction Materials
Unopened paint, primer or stain
Unopened flooring
Hardware and tools
Other Building materials

Appliances (less than 10 years old)
Dishwashers* (only in Medicine Hat)
Electric griddles and hot plates
Toaster oven
Other large and small appliances

Electrical supplies
Power tools

Stained or damaged items
Sofa beds
Electronic equipment
Used flooring
Clothing or bedding
Furniture items exposed to cigarette smoke or pet hair

We can’t accept everything

We’re always looking for product donations, but sometimes we cannot accept them due to overstock, space constraints or extensive damage.

Make sure to check your donation for any significant rips, tears, wear, stains, cigarette smoke or pet hair.

Not sure if your item meets the guidelines? Send us a quick message to find out.

When we can’t accept your donation

Our friendly receiving staff will be happy to provide alternate solutions for items that we’re unable to take.



2. Request a free donation pick-up in less than three minutes


You can request donation pick-up:

When you’re requesting pick-up

You’ll be asked to provide a short description along with a few close-up photos of your donation to determine its condition.

We pick-up donations in:

  • Calgary and surrounding area
  • Medicine Hat

When you’re dropping a donation off at one of the ReStores

Call at 403-291-6764 to let our team know your donation is on its way our team members

*** Please don’t leave your donation outside of store hours, as it’s considered dumping.

Use the “ReStore locator” tool to find the closest donation centre to you.


3. Get your items ready

To make the process smoother, we ask you to:

  • Prepare items before ReStore truck arrives at your location.
  • Move all the items to the first floor of your building.

*** Please note that all items will be inspected by our driver to make the final decision whether or not we can accept your donation.

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