The Calgary ReStore is the best place to buy new and used appliances

Shop for new and gently used appliances – including stoves, fridges, washers and dryers, microwave ovens, range hoods and a whole lot more!

*Keep in mind that due to the nature of ReStores, the best items are sold quickly, so it’s always a good idea to physically visit the store to find the best bargains. You can also send us an instant message using a chat button below, and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

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3 reasons to shop at the Calgary ReStore

Appliances at 40-60% below regular retail price

  • Low prices and good deals on appliances move the best pieces out of the store quickly.

You won’t pay a single cent of GST

  • That’s right! All new and used appliances at the Calgary ReStore are tax-free, giving you the chance to save even more on amazing deals.

Great deals on appliances while supporting families through Habitat for Humanity

  • The proceeds from ReStore cover a large portion of Habitat’s overhead costs, allowing donations to go directly toward building affordable housing in Southern Alberta.



Here are the kinds of items you’ll find at the ReStore:

Calgary ReStore reviews on Google


“Always fun to come here and see what they have. Proceeds going to a great cause, too. It’s win-win!”   

Jill Lassaline


“All restores are amazing. You can find parts for fixing your toilet to BBQs. You have to visit a few times cause they get new items all the time. Don’t think twice the item won’t be there next time. But know your prices.”  

Plumber Joe


“Great place for deals on lights and used furniture.”   

Karin Lindsay