Growing up in small-town Alberta, trick or treating, door-to-door, has brought some of my fondest memories.

My friends and I would gather our pillowcases, put on our costumes (overtop our snow gear, this is Canada after all), and head out for an evening of ghouls, superheroes, and candy.

The best part of Halloween is not the candy, it’s coming up to a house that is truly terrifying, and building up the courage to begin the adventure towards the ultimate childhood loot- CANDY!

The house with the most elaborate Halloween décor and the yard that invoked shivers and Goosebumps made the talk of the evening.

Here are 3 ways that ReStore can make your Halloween Epic.

1. Build Your Own Halloween Haunted House

Imagine a walkway to your house, gated with boards and tombstones- an eerie graveyard of DOOOM!!! MUAHAHAHA  … … sorry, I really love Halloween.

Or perhaps a tomb built with used building materials, housing a mummy creeping out and sunset.

At the ReStore, you will find all sorts of building materials, furniture, and one-off items.

For the really DIY ambitious, you already know the ReStore is your playground.

Best of all, you can keep to a budget. Halloween is fun, but let’s be responsible here.

2. DIY Scare Event

Okay, so you have your scary walkway done.

Now what? When I was a child, braving a creepy walkway was one thing, but every so often I would come to a house where there was a life-sized monster.

One year it was a scarecrow, another year it was the mummy I just mentioned (This might not be the fondest of my memories…).

If you have ever seen a horror or monster movie, you know what happens next. The monster animates and chases you away. Those were the best houses.

That could be your house. You could be the scarecrow.

Come to the ReStore, let your imagination help you see the possibilities of your inner monster.

Build the tomb, pick up a donated chair, that you don’t mind turning into, maybe, AN ELECTRIC CHAIR!! MUAHAHAHA!!

I did it again…

3. Start a Renovation

Now, this is a bit silly, but it’s true. You want to improve your home, start a renovation, but sometimes – that is the most horrifying thought of all!

Where do you start? What tools will you need?

How can you ensure you don’t go over budget?!?!?!

Now you know.

The ReStore is the answer to your renovation needs.

Come get inspired to take on that home project. Come save money and feel great about the cause you are supporting.

Every dollar spent at the ReStore contributes to Habitat for Humanity and our mission of serving local families in Southern Alberta to build strength, stability, and independence for Families and children. Feel good about it.