A win-win for your business!

Calgary ReStore is a fantastic resource of business advantages for your firm and the community you’re operating in Calgary.

Businesses like yours are already receiving a great advantage of the opportunities that the ReStore offers.

Based only on the simple act of donating your unneeded materials to Habitat, ReStores help your business thrive while building stability for local families in the community:

  • ReStores help your business achieve financial value from an act of giving
  • ReStores divert good, quality, usable home improvement products and materials from ending up in the landfill
  • ReStores provide home-improvement bargain hunters with low-cost quality materials to improve their lives, homes and projects.
  • By supporting Habitat for Humanity, ReStores help many working families achieve strength, stability and independence through the purchase of an affordable Habitat home.


How can your business benefit from donating?

ReStore offers many benefits to your business, including but not limited to:

Charitable tax receipt


Free pickup by Habitat staff


Improve your operations and reduce costs


Enhance your customer service


Get your staff involved and engaged in a great cause


Negotiate sponsorship benefits


Be a good corporate citizen


Legacy Kitchen shares with you their experience of donating to the ReStore

Download our free ReStore Business Benefits Guide now to join hundereds of businesses and learn how your firm can benefit from donating to the Habitat ReStore


What products can your business donate to Calgary ReStore?



Kitchen & Bathroom

Electrical supplies

Home Design Items

Building Materials

Large Appliances (15 years old)


Not sure about your products?

If you’re not sure whether or not ReStore is the right place for your products, then give us a call at (403) 291-6764, or fill out the online form below to get in touch with one of our staff members.


Stone – Tile West rates our partnership with 5★

“Stone-Tile West is always having to make room for new lines by getting rid of lines that are no longer being manufactured. We find donating to the Restore an amazing opportunity to make room for new product, and at the same time support our community and lessen our environmental foot print by keeping tile out of the land fill.”

Cathy, Stone-Tile West ★★★★★